Hydrogen Fuel System


(Korean Technology)

PHIL. Patent Office Registered
Registration #: (2-2018) 05036

DOST Environmental Technology Verification
has done on Jan. 19-20, 2021

Hydrogen fuel system

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1. 300/day x 30 days = P 9,000.00/month P108,000.00 /year and 1,080,000.00/10years

(Savings Rate based on •Hyundai Tucson •Adventure •Innova etc. 30% +/− 10% or more can
be saved.)

2. Permanent Solution for Emission (Toyota Hi-LUX 2004)

• HC: 65
•CO2: 14.30

• CO: 00.00
•CO2: 15.34

3. Enormous Power Up

Dynamo Test Result for Toyota Hi-LUX 2004
(Clear evidence of power up)
Torque up: 164.8FtLb@40KPH to 188.8FtLb@40KPH
HP (Horse Power) Up: 43.1HP @ 76KPH to 47.2HP@74KPH
Motive Force Increase: 2050.5N@40KPH to 2348.6N@40KPH

4. No fuel smell after 3mins Operation of HPS
5. Year by year, engine becomes cleaner and cleaner.
Engine Performance Enhancement becomes better and better. Life span of engine could be extended.
6. Adoptable to many kinds or car (Diesel/Gasoline: Carburetor /EFL engine) and any engines
– Generators. Heavy Equipment, Bus and Trucks
7. Interested Party:: Test Driving is available by appointment.

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